Einhell Gc-Et 4530



The GC-ET 4530 electric grass trimmer is a practical and very powerful tool which helps you produce an immaculate garden through effortless trimming in hard-to-reach areas of the garden. This tool is very versatile thanks to its motor head which can be rotated through 180° and tilted to four different positions for user-friendly cutting along vertical surfaces. The GC-ET 4530 has a robust electric motor. User-friendly two-hand operation and exact adjustment to users of all sizes are possible with the infinitely adjustable aluminum telescopic long handle with adjustable additional handle, thus enabling tireless operation. The housing and additional handle are made of high-grade, impact-resistant plastic. For perfect and comfortable cutting of borders the trimmer has a practical edge roller for guiding along all types of border. Thanks to the fully automatic line feed system, the twin line is comfortable to adjust and produces a very clean cut. A practical flower guard ensures the right safety distance from cherished flowers and helps to preserve your gardens good looks. A cable strain-relief protects the power cable of the grass trimmer from wear and damage, while the additional guard hood protects the user from small objects that are thrown up such as stones or splinters. Complete with 3 thread spools for a practical grass trimmer set.- Robust electric motor- User-friendly two-hand operation thanks to adjustable add. handle- Twin line cutting- Motor head can be rotated through 180° for easy cutting- Motor head can be tilted to 4 settings- Aluminium long handle, infinitely adjustable- Fully automatic line feed- Housing and handle made of impact-resistant, high-grad plastic- Edge roller for perfect and comfortable cutting of borders- Flower guard- Cable strain-relief- Guard hood- Complete with 3 thread spools

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